Some mothers would think that the bigger the breast, the more milk. What about those who have smaller breasts, would the case be different for them? Would it be harder for them to produce and feed their baby?

                  The truth is, a mother may have a low milk supply for factors like nipple pain, ineffective nursing, hormonal disorders, breast surgery, certain medications such as birth control pills, maternal obesity, smoking, previous breast surgery, and some medical conditions, just to name some. But in terms of breast size and milk production, research shows that milk supply is not dependent on breast size, but rather on the amount of tissue contained in a breast that enables it to make milk. Fatty tissue make up a large breast, but glandular tissue is what make up a lactation-effective breast. Though, the change in breast size (breast volume) from pre-pregnancy to lactation can be a sign of how well the breast can lactate. As the baby sucks, prolactin, the hormone responsible for producing milk, stimulates the mammary glands. As the baby continues to feed, the mother’s body releases more prolactin. This places the order to the breasts to make enough milk for the baby’s next feed.

                  Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of size or shape, babies will learn to breastfeed on their mother’s breasts. Women with small breasts make just as much milk as women with large breasts. So again, larger does not necessarily mean better—quality is superior to quantity.


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    37 weeks preggy na po ako this week. Pwede na po ba magstary uminom nito?

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