How your Breastmilk Change to Meet your Baby's Need

How your Breastmilk Change to Meet your Baby's Need
You might be thinking "Is my Breastmilk producing enough for my baby?" It's a good question, and Trust us we are thinking and asking ourselves the same. Hang in there, Mommy!
Time and again, Breastmilk is the first and one of its kind when it comes to quality. Breastmilk changes progressively to meet your baby's needs. Yes, It Changes! Whether your baby has just been born or is already in its 24th month, your body surprisingly forms the type of milk your baby needs for development.
Here's what to expect with how your Breastmilk is forming, as time follows...
Birth: Colostrum, known as the "Liquid Gold" is the first form of milk produced and provides Immunity. It's more than just a supplement as it provides, high proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
It is formed in your breasts 10 - 14 weeks of pregnancy and will be ready for your baby at the time of birth!
Sixth (6th) Week: The highest concentration of antibodies is formed on Breastmilk. These antibodies protect your baby from illness and infections while your baby's Immune System is developing.
Third (3rd) Month: Breastmilk is packed with calories. These calories will prompt your baby's growth in the healthiest way possible and support your baby's upcoming milestones and achievements.
Sixth (6th) Month: Breastmilk is high in DHA Levels, specifically omega fatty acids which are essential for your baby's brain development.
Breastmilk is proven to give your baby a brain boost, with a healthy early brain development!
12 Months: Breastmilk is high in Calories and DHA Omega Acids for your baby's brain and muscle growth development.
This is when most babies pull themselves up to walk, and stronger leg muscles will encourage them and give them a "Sense of Fulfilment"
24 Months: Breastmilk is almost like "Colostrum" and highly concentrated for an extra boost of Immunity for protection.
Breastfeeding is more than just milk, it's a relationship between you and your baby. So, do not worry and take it easy, Mommy.
It’s with great importance that you focus on that relationship, build that attachment bond with your baby and make it a special one! This way, your Oxytocin the hormones that get that milk let-down going will be responding to produce more and more appropriate breastmilk that your baby exactly needs.
Your Breast milk is amazing, It's more than enough. So are you, Mommy!


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    How your Breastmilk Change to Meet your Baby’s Need – purest-ph

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    How your Breastmilk Change to Meet your Baby’s Need – purest-ph

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    How your Breastmilk Change to Meet your Baby’s Need – purest-ph

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