How To Tell If Your Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk

How To Tell If Your Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk

Weight Gain

Weight gain is accurate way that pediatricians and parents can tell that their baby is getting enough breast milk although newborn babies lose a little weight in the first week of life, they usually gain it back quickly within two weeks old. After that breastfed babies typically gain between 5-8 oz or more per week.

Plenty of Wet Diapers

If baby is getting significant liquids in addition to breast milk, then this diaper count will let you know that baby is well-hydrated.

Watch And Listen For Swallowing During Breastfeeding

You may not realize it until you really listen but you can hear your baby swallowing while breastfeeding you can even see the gulping in their throat. 


Is Your Baby Satisfied After Nursing?

Your baby needs to breastfeed for more reasons than just to fill his tummy. It's his way to feel close to you, spend time with you and communicate easily with you. He can't chat to you yet, so even though he may not be hungry, being at your breast is the best way he knows to stay close to you between longer, tummy-filling feeds. 

Tip: Try running your finger across their cheek and see if they have a “rooting reflex.” The rooting reflex is where your baby will turn their head and open their mouth towards anything that touches his/her cheek or face looking for your breast. If your baby doesn’t react he/she is probably full and satisfied. 

Do Your Breasts Feel Softer And Less Full After Nursing?

One thing that all veteran breastfeeding moms know is that if your baby is not getting enough breast milk than your breasts will be full and engorged your breasts should go from hard and firm to soft and much less full if not empty.



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