Storage of breastmilk

Storage of breastmilk

Whether you're going back to work, want to have your partner help with feedings, or want to make sure you have breastmilk for your baby if you are away for a few hours, you will need to pump and store your breastmilk. Get tips on storing it safely.



 Keep Milk at Room Temperature

Containers should be covered and kept as cool as possible. Covering the container with a clean cool towel may keep milk cooler. Throw out any leftover milk within 2 hours after the baby is finished feeding.

Refrigerate It

Store milk in the back of the refrigerator. When at work, it's OK to put breastmilk in a shared refrigerator. Be sure to label the container clearly.


Place Milk in the Freezer

Store milk toward the back of the freezer where the temperature is most constant. Milk stored at 0°F or colder is safe for longer durations, but the quality of the milk might not be as high.


Use Cooler Packs

After 24 hours in a cooler the breastmilk should be refrigerated or frozen.



When storing breastmilk, use breastmilk storage bags, which are made for freezing human milk. You can also use clean glass or hard BPA-free plastic bottles with tight-fitting lids. Do not use containers with the recycling number 7, which may contain BPA. Do not use disposable bottle liners or other plastic bags to store breastmilk.




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